• Collaboration;
  • We work with your engineering department on a project or product to help broaden the spectrum of thinking. The overall emphasis generally is on bottom line ROI, taking into account cost of product development, production costs, distribution costs, service/warrantee expenses, customer acquisition/marketing costs, etc. Part of some projects is imparting to an engineering group the impact of factors typically overlooked by design engineers; the long term effects of designing a product without considering the customers’ ability to understand how a product works to reduce learning curves; designing a product for easy maintenance; evaluating a product design from a weak-link viewpoint, as well as other factors often overlooked by engineers.
  • Product Development;
  • The staff of IntelCap has many years of design experience, and can often assist in speeding up the time-to-market. It is never the intent of IntelCap to replace in-house capabilities, only to assist in the development process.
  • In-House Presentations;
  • Quite often, a company inadvertently builds barriers between marketing, sales, and engineering. IntelCap presenters can provide short presentations that will help bridge the gap between departments, assisting in widening the knowledge of each department so they can better understand the value of synergism between departments, instead of viewing departments as being in some sort of competition with each other.