Saving Energy

Example 4 – Energy Savings

Today, energy is a major factor in everything, business, running a household, and just living. But was energy a factor 35 years ago?

Our founder, George Jerome thought so, and foresaw a future where energy savings would be important. He looked around, and from the common task of having the brakes redone on his car, he saw something that didn’t make sense. It takes energy to accelerate a vehicle up to driving speed. But then that energy must be removed so the car can stop. The unobvious became obvious to him – why not capture some of that energy during braking so that it can be reused the next time the driver wished to accelerate the car? Instead of using brakes to convert the kinetic energy of the car into heat, why not another device that could capture the energy by converting it from kinetic energy into potential energy? Thus was borne the flywheel system for which Jerome earned U.S. patent 4,282,948. Unfortunately, the concept was 30 years too early to catch the eye of the automobile companies, and the idea languished.

It is fair to say that this early patent of Jerome’s was the forerunner of today’s hybrid vehicles. While the hybrid car of today does not use a flywheel systems, it does use the basic concept of converting energy from one form to another in order to gain maximum performance with the least expenditure of energy.

This early thought pattern of thinking outside of current convention set the path for the balance of Jerome’s pursuit of his career. IntelCap was borne during this period of time, but it would take another 35 years to blossom into the IntelCap of today.