Saving A Business

Example 1 – saving a business.

Problem: an older gentleman owns a large wood structure that is used as a roller rink. This represents his major asset, and his sole source of income. He is in a city that gets very hot in the summer. This problem took place in the early 1980s. The city came in one hot summer day, and measured the temperature inside the building. City code required that the temperature be less than what the inspector meassured for the general public to use the building for an activity that involved exertion – such as roller skating. The business catered to the local school children, who comprised a large portion of his customers. He could not afford to put in air conditioning, and even if he could, the high ceiling would have necessitated a very large amount of air movement, resulting in high power bills.

The owner was stuck. He could not operate his business as it was, he could not afford to install air conditioning, and he could not afford the power bills, if he had air conditioning. His sole source of income was stopped by the city.

The founder of Intelcap analyzed the situation, and arrived at the following; From physics 1, it was known that 8265 BTUs were required to evaporate 1 gallon of water. Water was plentiful at the location. From these simple facts, a rudimentary control system was designed. A sprinkler system was installed on the roof, covering about 95% of the surface area. Sensors were added to the roof, to measure both temperature, and the moisture level of the roof surface. The control system was designed to input the sensor data, and apply sprinklers so as to just keep the roof surface damp, with no standing water. Years later, after adding numerous innovations and improvements to the concept, two patents were awarded to our founder – patent numbers 6,250,091 and 6,467,694.

The city measured more than a 10 degree drop in temperature, and allowed the business to reopen. The owner’s livelihood was saved.