People & Stress

Example 3 – Keeping People Stress Free

Problem: commercial travel today can be stressful – crowded terminals, full aircraft, and all it takes is one unruly child to upset an entire cabin full of people.

This project was initiated by our founder after a horrible trip from New York back to Los Angeles. A young child, a couple seats back constantly ran up and down the aisle, screaming most of the time. It’s a safe bet that the average blood pressure of the passengers went up 20 points from this child. The mother had given the child an electronic toy, but didn’t keep the attention of the child for more than a few minutes at a time. A second child directly behind our founder was reasonably quiet, but kept kicking the seat back, contributing to the overall discomfort of the trip.

By the time the plane landed, a germ of an idea had already been borne. Two children, both bored with being forced to sit still [which didn’t happen much of the time]. Individually, they could not be kept quiet and still, but what if….. Could they play together in some way? The answer was simple in the mind of our founder. A system that would allow them to play together without leaving their seats; that became the key to a system that ultimately became patent 6,177,887. Many airlines now have on board entertainment systems utilizing the basics laid out in this patent.