More Examples

Example 5 – Smaller Projects

Not every project we undertake is a world shaking mega-project. You have heard the phrase, “the devil is in the details.” Because of a single part, an ignition switch that probably cost General Motors less than $5, they will be shelling out $900 Million!

A plastic part, designed to minimize cost could be the weak link in a $1,000 appliance. A bolt, undersized, could break in such a way as to hurt people. Leaving out a function in a software package could give a competitor a major marketing advantage. A poorly design package could leak moisture. That could lead to products spoiled during shipment. Not being aware that your product support is being handled by people who can barely speak English could cost customer confidence in your company.

The phrase “the devil is in the details.”   Should be plastered all over your engineering, marketing, shipping, and most other departments in your company.

Consider our phrase also – “the eyes that design something rarely see the errors those eyes create.”

We love to chase the devil of details out the back door. No matter how sure you might be that you have all bases covered, it is very likely that something has, or will, slip by. Let’s talk about the little details, not just large scale projects. We may not come up with invaluable IP for your company, but it is a safe bet that we can help reduce, or eliminate problems that mat not even have seen light of day yet.