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Patents & IP

Some of the projects undertaken by IntelCap involves patent filings, copyright protection, or other means of protecting the creative efforts of the IntelCap staff.

In the case of one current project, IntelCap Living Wage Project, at least two applications for patents have been filed. There are numerous aspects of the project that are covered by these applications or a patent pending status. Anything covered by the applications has been published only after the company has received notice from the USPTO [United States Patent Office] that the application has been received, and a file number assigned. This places the patent application in a “patent pending status” and the IP is protected as if the patent has already issued.

Unless in writing, and signed by an officer of IntelCap, no transfer of rights, title, or interest in anything under patent protection is conveyed to any third party. No discussions, oral or in writing can convey right, title or interest in anything patent protected unless signed by an officer of the company.