Recalls have been issued for about 112,500* products in the past 15 years. Could YOUR company handle the cost, damage to reputation, possible regulatory action or possible massive fines the government demands if one of YOUR products falls prey to a recall?


What causes recalls? Often the reason for a recall is created when management makes demands on engineering and development departments to cut the cost of the final product, or engineering just misses something. In the latter case, when the error is caught it would either require a recall to fix it, or a public admission that users of the product must limit or modify the product use to avoid harm. Ignoring a problem, like covering up most anything, leads to problems far greater than the intitial issue. The founder of IntelCap, for almost 50 years has been helping companies avoid the pit falls, and damages associated with making mistakes, or just missing something that becomes a Recall Trigger.


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  • This is the number of product recalls recorded and reported by The U.S. government¬† from 2000 through early 2015.